Geography.  Biology.  Computer Science.

Managing Unmanned Aerial Systems is more than putting a drone in the sky. To maximize return on investment, you need a foundation in the disciplines that deliver. Have questions? Need Answers?  Trust the local pioneer in drone service – Apis can help!

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FAA 333 Exempt and Insured Drone Service

333 Exempt and Insured

Apis Remote Sensing Systems has been a pioneer in the drone service sector from early-on; having been granted multiple section 333 exemptions for commercial UAS operation by the FAA. What does that mean to you? You’re working with people who have been on the front lines of unmanned systems and services from the beginning – and who are willing to take the time to do business the right way!

A Complete Solutions Provider

Apis works with our partners to provide usable, practical drone service solutions for our rural neighbors. Apis flies inspection, compliance and survey flights for agriculture, residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Apis has also partnered with Precision Crop Imaging and Heartland Soil Services to provide turn-key field intelligence that takes into account environmental factors such as soil condition and overall fertility.

Drone Service for Agriculture

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